How does the bot builder work?

How to access the bot builder? 

To access the bot builder, click on the " Messaging" icon, then on the bot builder icon of the messaging system you wish to configure. 

The default tree structure

When you open your bot, you land on the default tree. This tree allows you to send automatic messages and to connect your customers to your agents automatically. This tree is composed as follows: 

  • The initial action (not editable) includes the automatic welcome and absence messages that you have configured in the "Customise your customer experience" section (in the "Messaging" page). These messages are sent at the very beginning of the bot's journey. The message sent is either the welcome message or the absence message, depending on the schedule you have defined in the "Customise your customer experience" section. Attention, particularity for the live chat, for the bot to be launched, your customer must send a message after the welcome or absence message. 
  • The "Console Chat" action, which allows you to put your customer in touch with your agents. 
  • The "Tree" action which returns to the beginning of the tree when the agent closes the discussion and the client restarts the discussion. This allows the path to be replayed from the beginning. 

It is possible to modify this tree structure and customise it. To do so, follow the steps described below: 

How to configure a bot? 

1. Add actions

The initial grey action cannot be edited or deleted. This action sends automatic welcome or absence messages (depending on your calendar) at the beginning of the exchange with the bot. 

To modify your tree structure, you can add an action between the initial action and the "Console chat" action

You can also delete the "Trees" and "Console Chat" actions and add others after the initial action: 

You can then add actions to your tree by dragging and dropping them. Once an action has been added, a window appears to the right of the action allowing you to fill in its information. 

The different types of action possible: 

  • Chat console, allowing you to redirect to the chat console and put your customer in touch with an advisor. 
  • Text, allowing you to send a text message to your customer.

  • Image, allowing you to send an image to your customer. 

  • Url, allowing you to send a link to your customer. 

  • User input, indicating to the bot that you are expecting input from the user. The user must then enter some text and, depending on the text, will be redirected to a particular action and path. You don't have to fill in anything in this action. Note that it must be followed by an "input analysis" or "input error" action. This action can be linked to several actions.
  • Input analysis, allowing the analysis of the user's input using the keywords entered. The bot will analyse the user's input and if it finds the keywords entered in this action, the user will be directed to this path. To enter keywords, simply add them to the action using the "enter " key on your keyboard. Please note : the keywords entered must be entered in lower case. Please note that the "input analysis" action can only be placed after the "user input" action. And it cannot be followed by the "user input" and "input error" actions.

  • Input error, allowing an error message to be sent when the user's input is not what was expected. In other words, when the bot does not recognise any of the keywords entered in the "input analysis" actions.
    In this case, the user is redirected to another action and to another path.
    Note that the "input error" action can only be placed after the "user input" action. The "input error" action cannot be followed by the "user input" and "input analysis" actions.

  • Button, allowing all the choices to be grouped into a button that the customer will have to click on. Note that the "button" action is only available on Messenger and Apple Business Chat (it is mandatory for ABC). It can only be followed by a "choice" action. 

  • Choice, allowing you to offer a list of choices to the customer and redirect them to an action based on the choice. Note that the "choice" action is only available on Live Chat, Messenger, Apple Business Chat and Google Business Message.

2. Modify actions

To modify an action, simply click on the pictogram of the action in question, or double-click on the action to see the modification window appear to the right of the action. 

To validate your changes, click on the "validate" or "cancel" button, to cancel your changes. 

3. Delete actions

To delete actions, simply click on the cross icon at the top right of the action in question. A message will be displayed asking you to validate the deletion or to cancel it. 

Please note: when you delete an action, this action and any actions attached to it will also be deleted. 

4. Cancel your last changes 

You can undo your last changes using the arrow icons at the top right of the bot. 

5. Save your bot 

To save your work, click on the "save" button at the top right. Each time you make changes, a small star appears in the button's box. 

We recommend that you regularly back up your bot builder to avoid losing your work in progress.