How to set up contact reasons?

You can add contact patterns in your settings. They will then be available directly in your Chat Console(how do I use them in my Console?). They allow you to tag your chats by contact reason and to know the reasons why your customers contact you. 

How do I add a contact pattern? 

1. Go to your settings, accessible from the left-hand vertical menu. 

2. Then click on the submenu "Contact reasons"

3. Then click on the link " add a contact pattern" at the top right. 

A form for adding a contact reason will appear, in which you simply need to associate a name with your contact reason and then click on the "add" button. Once your contact pattern has been added, you will find it in the list of your contact patterns.

How do I edit a contact reason? 

1. To edit a contact reason, click on the "edit " button to the right of the contact reason you wish to edit. 

2. An edit form will then appear, where you can change the name of your contact reason .

3. To validate your changes, click on the "confirm" button. You can also cancel your changes by clicking on the link "Back to the list of contact reasons" on the left.

How do I delete a contact reason? 

1. To delete a contact pattern, click on the "edit " button to the right of the contact pattern you wish to delete. 

2. The edit form then appears, where you can delete your contact reason by clicking on the "delete" link. 

3. A pop-up window appears, asking you to confirm your deletion or to cancel it. Once the contact reason is deleted, it will disappear from your list of contact reasons. However, old threads that have been tagged with this contact reason will retain the tag. 

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