Quick tutorial: How to configure and integrate your messaging systems on ChayAll?

ChayAll is an instant messaging solution that allows you to quickly and easily integrate WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Google's Business Messages, Apple Business Chat, Live Chat and Telegram into your website and other digital media. 

To integrate ChayAll on your website, it is very simple. Follow these 3 steps which can be found in the"Messaging" tab on your ChayAll platform: 

1. Setting up your email accounts 

Start by configuring the mailboxes of your choice. To do this, click on the "configure" button below each mailbox. For each of them, you will have to fill in some information in order to connect or create your email accounts.

Here are step-by-step tutorials for setting up each mailbox

And your social network accounts to manage your comments

2. Integrate your messaging systems 

Various means are available to you to integrate your messages on your site:

Once your messaging system is integrated, your messaging widget will appear like this on your site, with the messaging systems you have previously configured: 

3. Customise your email accounts 

ChayAll offers you the possibility to customize your messaging and your widget: your availability times, automatic messages and the "basic" button of your widget. 

You now have all the keys in hand to easily set up and integrate your ChayAll messaging widget!