How does the ChayAll platform work?

To get started on ChayAll, all you need to do is  create an account. Only an email address and a password will be requested. 

Once your account is created, don't forget to validate your email address. We need this step to secure your account. We give you 7 days to do so. Past that, your account will be blocked. All you have to do is go to the inbox of the email address you just used for registration and confirm your email address via a request from us. 

Our platform is divided into 5 parts:

  • Dashboard 

The Dashboard allows you to find the main information of your account, such as the use of your package or the main statistics: 

  • Chat Console

Communicate directly with your customers via the ChayAll Chat console. Our interface has been designed so that all your customer interactions, coming from any messaging system you have installed on your website, are centralized.

Thanks to our chat console, interact live with your customers via a simple and ergonomic interface and obtain information about your customers such as the device they are using, which page of your site they are on, the browser they are using, their phone number, etc.

  • Messages

This page allows you to choose the messengers you wish to integrate on your website. 

Click on the messanger you wish to integrate on your site. You will then just have to configure it and integrate it on your site. 

From this page you can set up your opening hours, automatic messages or customise your widget?

  • Statistics 

On this page find all your performances, in real time or over a given period. Thanks to advanced and thorough statistics, this page will allow you to analyze the behavior of your customers but also of your internal agents to offer the best customer experience.

  • Settings

It is in the Settings section that you can :