How do I add, modify or delete a user?

From your ChayAll account, access the Settings from the menu on the left, then go to the"User Management" menu. 

Add a user 

To add a user, simply enter their first name, last name and email address and click on the"Send Invitation" button. 

Agents will receive an email from ChayAll inviting them to create their password. 

They will then have access to the Chat Console. 

Deleting a user

To delete an agent, simply click on edit, on the agent you wish to delete and then on the " Delete" button. The agent will receive an email informing him/her that his/her account has been deleted. He will no longer have access to ChayAll. 

Editing a user

To modify the information of an agent, you just have to click on the "modify" button at the level of the agent whose information you wish to modify.

Important: When you change the email address of agents, a ChayAll email is sent to them to validate their new email address.