How do I get an Instagram Professional account?

You do not have an Instagram account for your brand 

The first step to having an Instagram Professional account for your brand is to first create an Instagram account.
To get an Instagram account, you can do it from your phone, on the Instagram application, or from your computer on the Instagram sign up page. 

You already have an Instagram account for your brand

If you already have an Instagram account that you use for your brand, this account may not be officially recognized as a business account by Instagram. 

Don't panic! It is very simple to declare a "classic" Instagram account as a professional account. 

For that:

  1. Go to your Instagram account profile and click on"Edit Profile".
  2. Then click on"Upgrade to a business account". 

Many features are then added to your account! But the one we are particularly interested in is the possibility to link your professional Instagram account to a Facebook page, the second prerequisite for the configuration of Instagram comments. We explain how to do this here

If you already have a Facebook page linked to your Instagram Professional account, you can go directly to the configuration on ChayAll