What are the message packages in each offer?

Each offer includes a different messaging package. 

Thefree offer includes a package of 300 messages. Beyond these 300 messages, your account is blocked but you can switch to higher offers at any time to include a larger package of messages adapted to your use. 

Please note that we count messages from both your client and yours.
For example:
- Hello, how can we help you? (you)
- Hello, I received a package in bad condition. Can I return it to you and send me a new one? (your customer)
- Of course, I invite you to send me a picture of the damaged package and return it to (you) at the following address 

Here, the conversation counts 3 messages.

TheEssential offer offers a package of 1,000 messages. This means that you can exchange up to 1,000 messages at no extra cost. If you exceed these 1,000 messages, each additional message sent will cost you €0.03. 

ThePro offer allows you to go up to 3,000 messages at no extra cost. Beyond these 3.000 messages, each message sent will cost you 0,02€. 

You can also subscribe to our Unlimited offer which offers an unlimited message package!