How do I integrate the Wordpress plugin?

To integrate your widget on your website, you can install the Wordpress plugin. There are 2 methods to install the plugin.

Method 1 : 

  1. From your account on, go to the"Mail" tab and then to the"Integrate on your site" section. Choose from the Wordpress drop-down list. You will then see the download link of the plugin and your API key. 
  2. In Wordpress, go to the left menu"Extension" and then the submenu"Add". 
  3. Click on"Upload an extension" and choose the previously downloaded file. 
  4. Click on the"Activate extension" button.

Method 2: 

  1. On your Wordpress administration, go to the left menu"Extension" and"Add". 
  2. In the search bar, type "ChayAll" then install the plugin. 
  3. Once installed, click on"Activate". 

Note: it is advisable to enable automatic plugin updates as shown in the video. 

Finally, to be able to link your plugin to your Chayall account : 

  1. Once installed, go to"Settings" > "ChayAll".
  2. Get the API key from your ChayAll account, in the integration part of your site, and copy the key. 
  3. Go back to your Wordpress administration and copy the API key and save.