How to integrate your widget using JavaScript code?

You can integrate your widget using JavaScript code. 

Copy your ChayAll JavaScript code

  1. To find it, go to your ChayAll account , in the"Messages" tab, then in the"Integrate on your site". 
  2. Select " Web" from the drop-down list of integration methods. 
  3. Your JavaScript code appears below. You need to copy it. 

Here is an example of the JavaScript code: 

<script defer async

Paste your ChayAll JavaScript code

You need to paste the JavaScript code at the root of the tag as in the example below : 


  Lorem ipsum


Lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Modi, voluptatem? Soluta eum, sint error odit nesciunt nemo harum neque labore voluptatem reiciendis ex enim illo officiis iste exercitationem. Doloremque, voluptate!

Insert your Javascript code here -->

Important: Your code will be automatically updated if you wish to add other messengers later.