How do I set up Instagram comments?

You can set up Instagram comments, which will allow you to manage comments from your Instagram account directly on your ChayAll Chat Console. 


Before configuring your account, 2 prerequisites are necessary: 

  1. Have a professional Instagram account(we explain how here
  2. Link your Instagram Professional account to a Facebook page(here for the dedicated page)

Configuring Instagram comments on ChayAll

  1. Go to your ChayAll account, then to the"Messages" menu on the left of the screen. 
  2. Click "Configure" below the Instagram logo. The configuration form appears. 
  3. Click the"Login to Instagram" button. A new tab will open, taking you to the Facebook login page. 
  4. Log in to your Facebook account, whose page is linked to your Instagram account.
  5. Choose the professional Instagram account you wish to link to ChayAll.
  6. Choose the page linked to your Instagram account. 
  7. Accept all the permissions listed and click "done". 
  8. Finally, choose the Facebook page from the drop-down list below the login button. 

To find out how the Chat Console for Instagram comments works, you can read the dedicated article.