Pro Offer: what can be done

ThePro offer is perfectly adapted to companies that exchange with their customers on a regular basis. The Pro offer allows you, just like the other offers, to integrate on your site any messaging of your choice: WhatsApp, Messenger, iOS Messages, Google's Business Messages or live chat.

With the Pro offer you have access to all the functionalities of the ChayAll platform: 

  • the chat console 
  • statistics 
  • user management: you can add as many agents as you want. 
  • setting up your messaging (personalization, choice of availability slots, automatic messages)

You can exchange up to 3,000 messages per month with your users at no extra cost. Beyond these 3.000 messages, you will be charged 0,02€ per message.
If you wish to have more information on how the messages are counted, do not hesitate to visit our FAQ article : What are the message packages in each offer?