How do I set up Google's Business Messages?

In order to apply, you must fill in a form.

Here is the detailed process of configuring Google Business Messages on our ChayAll solution.

Setting up Google Business Messages (10 minutes)

On the "Configure email" interface, click the "configure" button just below Google Business Messages. Several fields to be filled in will appear as follows:

1/ Name of the company

2/ Last name of the main contact

Fill in with the exact brand name of your company (domain name of your professional email)

Fill with the last name of the main contact i.e. the future administrator of the ChayAll account.

3/ Contact email address

Fill in the professional email of the main contact (with your domain name). This email will still be used for other steps of the process so make sure it is valid and can be a reliable point of contact. Be careful, generic emails like will not work.

4/ Brand website

Indicate the URL of your brand's website:

5/ Logo

Choose your company logo 

NB: the following criteria must be respected: * A logo 50KB max * 1024*1024 px recommended * square format

5/ URL of your "privacy policy" page

Fill in with the URL of the privacy policy of your company site. This implemented information must be the information that is publicly available.

6/ Your company on Google

Search for your company in the Google search tool and validate. 

At the end of this part, you will receive two emails in English (hence the obligation to mention previously the professional email of the future administrator):

  • One with an identification key to be able to answer
  • A second one that asks you to confirm your identity to the Google support ( in order to answer with the data received in the 1st mail. In this 2nd mail, you must also give the following information [in the square brackets in the overview below]:

name of brand employee] Votre nom complet [title of employee] Votre fonction complète [messaging_partner_name] ChayAll [Google-provided security key from separate email]" Identification key received from Google in the 1st email

If all the information mentioned is correct, the account will be activated 48 hours after the email is sent.