How do I set up Apple Business Chat?

1 - Create an Apple Business account

To create your Apple Business account, go to the Apple Register page.
1. Go to the "Organization" tab and fill in the information about your company: name, phone number, number of employees, address of the head office, website, contact, etc.
2. Go to the "Team Members" tab and add as administrator.
3. Create a brand in the "Brands" tab and fill in the required information: your name, logo (1024x1024 px), etc.
Ask for Apple's approval once you have completed the elements (banner at the top of your screen). 

2 - You must also create a Business Chat account

Business chat accounts are used to help you manage your customer relationships. At the end of this exercise, you should have at least one business account registered and ready for review by Apple.
You can click on Progress, located in the upper right corner, at any time to view your account status in the Business Chat workflow.
1. Manage services. Add business accounts for messages and click Done. 
2. New account. Click Add New and on the Business Chat Accounts page, click Start.
3. Accept the Business Chat account policies by reading and checking each box, then click Next. By checking a box, you agree to the policy.
You cannot continue until all the boxes are checked.

 Creating a new Business Chat Account

You are presented with a proposal to register a new Business Chat account. Click on Next. 
Account Applicant: fill in or check your organisation's details.
Click Next when you are finished. 
Business Chat account type: Select Business Account, then click Next. 
Account contacts : Enter the technical contact and sponsor for this account, then click Next.
Number of locations : Select the number of public locations in your company and enter the address of each location.

Brand information card

An overview of the configuration of your brand cards is presented. 

You can add a new trademark or select an existing trademark. For new trademarks, you need to fill in the form and click on Add.
When you have finished your selection, click on Next. 

Fill in or check the information on the form and click Next.

Email response times: Select your time zone and business hours, then click Next. 
Response times: Select the time zone, estimated response time for an agent to respond to customers during business hours and the hours your support is available.

Brand identity

In this section you will provide your logo and choose a background colour for the application and the list of messages.

Square logo: Add a square logo that follows the user interface guidelines for logos (click on the link for more information), then click Next.
Check your Square logo. In this screen, check the appearance of your logo in both dark and light modes. Check the boxes and click Next.
Large Logo: Add a large logo that follows the logo user interface guidelines (click on the link for more information), then click Next.
Review your large logo. Check the appearance of your logo in both dark and light modes. Message header colours. Choose the hexadecimal background and button colour for the header that appears in the Messages application. You can preview your colour choice with your logo for both dark and light modes.
For more information, please visit this page
Review your message header. Check the colour and logo in the preview. Check the boxes and click Next.

Configuration of the messaging platform

Select ChayAll as your email service provider or enter the URL of ChayAll. Click Next to continue. 

Submit your profile. Once you have submitted your profile and have not received any alerts, the status area of the profile page indicates that Apple is reviewing your profile. If you have any alerts, you must correct them before you can submit your profile for review.

Your Apple Business Chat account is now created 🎉

What's next? Create a Business Chat account for each brand you own to use Business Chat. With each Business Chat account, create an associated brand profile. If you have no more brands to submit, you can skip this step.

We will then finalise the configuration of your Apple widget on our side.